With a background in architecture, interior and product design and having an interest in electronics, mechanics, craft and creating bespoke commissions, complimented by an eye for fine detailing; I received a scholarship to study Industrial Product Design at the renowned Brunel University and Graduated with honours.

I have worked comfortably in offices, workshops, design studios and labs for over 8 years with machines such as lathes, milling machines, CNC’s, laser cutters and 3D printers   - I have gathered a vast knowledge of materials, electronics, coding, design and user interaction.

I have worked alongside Royal Warrant holders Thomas Lyte and the well-established Ottewill Silversmiths & Goldsmiths - using my knowledge and skills to implement DFM (design for manufacture) in a traditional trade using todays technology. 

Not only has this allowed me to build on my design and prototyping abilities, I have also excelled in my practical manufacturing skill of assembling products, detailing, painting and finishing; but it has allowed me to turn my passion into a career.
With my ambition in design and thrive for entrepreneurship, I have combined these attributes to provide a service I am passionate and proud about.

By seeing through the completion of every project, I am able to manage my team and provide consultations, create quotes and work hand-in-hand with each client.



Jessica is responsible for creating most of the illustrator patterns you can see in our gallery. Jessica has a background in Art and Design, as well as freelancing as a henna artist. Obtaining a degree in Business Marketing, Jessica is also in charge of marketing and social media.


Harvey is responsible for the electronic and code-based side of the projects that we handle. In addition, he tends to the website to keep it up-to-date and is in charge of the company’s SEO to bring in more clientele. Harvey is a BSc Computer Science graduate.


Karan is responsible for providing support in drafting and evaluating confidential documentations and project NDA’s. In addition to this, Karan arranges meetings, communicates the progress of projects, liaises with clients and looks into patent laws and British Standards.