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With a background in architecture, interior and product design and having an interest in electronics, mechanics, craft and creating bespoke commissions, complimented by an eye for fine detailing; I received a scholarship to study Industrial Product Design at the renowned Brunel University and Graduated with honours.

I have worked comfortably in offices, workshops, design studios and labs for over 8 years with machines such as lathes, milling machines, CNC’s, laser cutters and 3D printers   - I have gathered a vast knowledge of materials, electronics, coding, design and user interaction.

I have worked alongside Royal Warrant holders Thomas Lyte and the well-established Ottewill Silversmiths & Goldsmiths - using my knowledge and skills to implement DFM (design for manufacture) in a traditional trade using todays technology. 

Not only has this allowed me to build on my design and prototyping abilities, I have also excelled in my practical manufacturing skill of assembling products, detailing, painting and finishing; but it has allowed me to turn my passion into a career.
With my ambition in design and thrive for entrepreneurship, I have combined these attributes to provide a service I am passionate and proud about.

By seeing through the completion of every project, I am able to manage my team and provide consultations, create quotes and work hand-in-hand with each client.

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